The Nest Cafe

Bakery Lane
1300 Gerrard St. E Toronto, Canada

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm
Monday & Sunday Closed

Evening Events coming soon!

Coffee, Sandwiches, Treats, Beer
It is all about innovation, invention, and creativity in food and beverages. 
Co-working is more than a table, chairs and coffee. It is having access to communities that bring diversity and global ideas to the table. 
At the Inventors Nest Cafe, we focus on providing new and exciting products to our customers, and expanding the way people work together. Delicious new food products, beverages, and environmental awareness merge at the Nest Cafe.

Brewed coffee available now. Local roasters provide us with some of the best coffee in Toronto 
Innovation comes in many forms, including delicious! Hand made treats, sandwiches and snacks lovingly prepared by Therese Luvs to Bake and her Bakery Lane
Innovation in Food
The Inventors Nest Cafe is bringing artisanal  products from Toronto innovators to Greenwood and Gerrard! 
A fantastic location for sipping some brew, working, and people watching.
Innovation Hub for food and beverage products.
Circus, Co-Working, VR, Popups
Popup Technology Showcases Daily
Innovative Products

Alternative Grounds Dark

Our house  favourite
Espresso, Flat white, Latte, Beans or Brew

Eat My Shortbread

Outstanding ShortbreadsAssorted Selection

Velo Vegan

Savory delicious wheat-gluten based delicacies
Vegan sandwiches and meats

Bakery Lane

Sandwiches and baked goodies
Hand made treats, sandwiches on lovingly made bread by Therese Luvs To Bake

Teas by Lemon Lilly

Organic, fair trade sourced teas, herbs and spices
Exceptional teas

Beer on tap by Saulter St. Brewery

Fresh, local, delicious Riverside Pilsner on Tap
Craft beer is here!
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1300 Gerrard St. E
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 1Y7
The Nest Cafe is a popup shop by The Inventors Nest, serving as an outlet for local innovators in food and beverage, to showcase their new products in a fully functioning cafe and co-working hub. We are located in the historic Redwood Building in Toronto's Lower East Side.
Hours are:
8am - 8pm Tuesday - Friday
8am-2pm Mondays
10am - 2pm Saturdays
Closed Sundays