The CoffeeLab is an interactive space were everyone can experience and evaluate new technologies in a real world setting.


New technologies are so rapidly developed that it is becoming increasingly challenging for the end user to understand how those devices will integrate into our lives.

The CoffeeLab provides a new way to learn about early stage technologies, before they make to the consumer electronics market, or when they still at the early adopter stage.

Gaming and demo space at the DMZ in Toronto

Gaming and demo space by TADs Toronto

Weather you are thinking about using gestures to control your home entertainment system, switching to a 3D display, or building a smart home, the CoffeeLab can provide you with first hand experience with the latest and greatest in emerging technology. Often found with Tactile Audio Displays

End users, consumer electronic companies, academic researchers, and developers gather to explore practical usage scenarios and evaluate the future of computing systems while enjoying excellent coffee.

Mobile TAD seats

Mobile TAD seats

Be an influence in determining the next wave in technology.