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Public usability places technologies in the hands of its intended users, and allows them to really get to know a system and how it works under comfortable and exciting scenarios. As a consumer, you have the right to explore how well a product can satisfy your needs and requirements before making a purchase.


Evaluating gesture feedback systems

Especially with new technologies that are emerging into the consumer electronic world, where often, systems are prematurely released without being fully tested or ready for everyday user. Even the early adopter or extreme techie needs a place where they can try before they buy!

At the CoffeeLab, there are many levels of participation associated with our research. Users can chose to simply try out a system, or become fully engaged in learning and evaluating technologies in long term studies.

Movie trials with the TAD theatre seats.

Movie trials on TAD theatre seats.

To take part in one of our studies, simply walk into one of the CoffeeLab locations and start interacting with the systems. Alternatively, sign up for a more intensive study and become an official tester.

Our studies use methods include user feedback, questionnaires, and interviews, and extend out into long term evaluations, expert heuristics, and empirical experiments.

What ever your level of interest is, we have something for you. This includes having a new system or product you are developing being added to one of our scenarios for evaluation.

All our studies are non-invasive, fun, comfortable, and we never ask more of a participant than they are willing or eager to give.