Portable and elegant Ferrari racing wheel and pedal set, used in all TAD gaming demos

Thrusmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit used in gaming studies.

If you have a new technology you would like to have evaluated in a public usability environment, by usability experts, then the CoffeeLab has a unique opportunity for inventors, developers, innovators, and researchers interested in studying their product with actual users.

The CoffeeLab works with novel devices and technologies as well as existing systems that are looking for a new market or interactive scenario that can expand their market or solve some of their usability problems.

3D display

The Sony Personal 3D viewer is one of the displays used at the CoffeeLab

We also provide our picks for interactive devices that can enhance lives and experiences based on how well they fare in our labs.

There are many ways for your product to fit into one of our scenarios, either as a stand alone experience or as part of a more ubiquitous setup. Each system has a unique way to blend into the environment or to blow users out of their seats with exciting sensations.

The CoffeeLab works with the technology provider to develop the ideal interactive scenario and testing methodologies to ensure the optimal environment is applied to provide rich feedback and users responses that represent the core of how a system will integrate into its community. Each case is unique, and each technology deserves its own special treatment.

The all around excellent form factor for any TAD experience. Comfort, portability, and leather!

TAD tactile audio device that was one of the first systems evaluated at the Coffee Lab.

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