What we do

The CoffeeLab is interested in studying new technologies from research labs, as well as the latest and greatest in consumer electronic products.

Systems are evaluated, or included as essential components of our testing environments. Gaming accessories, novel input devices, exciting display systems, and home theatre components are some of the technologies we use and evaluate at the CoffeeLab.

Technologies that are evaluated at the CoffeeLab often lay the foundation for further studies that take place at university research labs. Findings from our public usability studies are an excellent means of formulating hypotheses and deeper understanding of the effects that today’s devices can have on our lives. These findings influence theories that will be empirically evaluated at the university.

TAD at the sideshow

TAD at the Sideshow

The CoffeeLab partners have some of the world’s most sophisticated and  powerful testing tools with which they use to conduct their research. These research affiliations ensure that strict methodologies are maintained when conducting research at the CoffeeLab.

The public usability approach provides a great way to reveal new questions and research directions to contribute to the field of human computer interaction. The results lead to improving interactions for everyone.