How we operate

Gaming study

Full immersion gaming interaction study in the Living Lab

When a new technology, system, or device is developed for a particular use group, The CoffeeLab brings that technology into a real world scenario to implement a testing plan that will help our clients and collaborators explore the system in action.

Interaction scenarios are designed in the context that the technology was intended to be used. Office space, living rooms, and public locations are transformed into usability labs where members of the community can try the system, respond to questionnaires, take part in interviews, focus groups, or engage in more intensive evaluation processes.

The CoffeeLab provides a new and enhanced perspective into how well a system works in the real world.
Evaluating iGesture in a kitchen-lab in Southampton

Evaluating iGesture in a kitchen-lab in Southampton

Our studies range from basic installations of software in cafe’s to extensive interactive experiences in a home or public space.┬áBecause every system is different and has its own unique requirements, our experts can work with clients and collaborators to develop a highly specialized program of evaluation, reporting, and follow ups tailored to each specific need.

Contact for information on how your technologies can be evaluated at one of our locations.